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Tax 7004

Tax Form 7004: Automatic Extension of Time to File Certain Business Income Tax, Information, and Other Returns.
  • IRS Form 7004 is a tax extension for businesses, corporations, partnerships, and certain trusts. This tax form has three parts ― depending on the type of tax extension being requested, the entity must complete Part I or Part II, and everyone must complete Part III.
  • Get an automatic Extension of time for 6month or 5months to file your Business Income Taxes by efile Form 7004 through www.ExtensionTax.com
  • If you are not able to file your corporate income tax return by the original due date, you can request for a tax extension by e-filing Form 7004 through www.ExtensionTax.com

Applying for a business tax extension will extend your filing deadline for the following tax returns:

990-C, 1041 (estate), 1041 (trust), 1041-N, 1041-QFT, 1042, 1065, 1065-B, 1066, 1120, 1120-A, 1120-F, 1120-FSC, 1120-H, 1120-L, 1120-ND, 1120-ND (section 4951 taxes), 1120-PC, 1120-POL, 1120-REIT, 1120-RIC, 1120S, 1120-C , 1120-SF, 3520-A, 8804, 706-GS(T), 8612, 8613, 8725, 8831, 8876, and 706-GS(D).

Note that you cannot e-file your tax extension request for certain tax forms ― including Form 8612, 8613, 8725, 8831, 8876, or 706-GS(D). To get an extension for these forms, you must mail a paper tax extension request (Form 7004) to the IRS.

It’s also important to remember that Tax Form 7004 does not extend the time for payment of any tax due, only the time for filing a return. An entity must estimate the amount of tax it will owe, and can pay none, all, or part of its Estimated Income Tax due. ExtensionTax.com supports taxpayers who are out of the country and have foreign addresses. However, there are exceptions pertaining to foreign corporations with no office or place of business within the United States, as well as certain domestic corporations and certain partnerships.

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Purpose of Form 7004:

Use Form 7004 to request an automatic extension of time to file certain business income tax, information, and other returns. The extension will be granted if you complete Form 7004 properly, make a proper estimate of the tax (if applicable), file the form by the due date of the return to which the Form 7004 applies, and pay any tax that is due.

  • Automatic 5-month extension. All the returns shown in Part I, line 1a of Form 7004 are eligible for an automatic 5-month extension of time to file from the due date of the return.
  • Automatic 6-month extension. All the returns shown in Part II, line 1b of Form 7004 are eligible for an automatic 6-month extension of time to file from the due date of the return (see lines 2 and 4 for exceptions).

Note: The IRS will no longer be sending notifications that your extension has been approved. We will notify you only if your request for an extension is disallowed.

Where to File Form 7004?

Form 7004 can be file electronically at www.ExtensionTax.com; preferred to do it manually, still you can prepare Form 7004 with us and print a copy to mail/ file a return.

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